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When was CCTV invented

Have you ever heard of CCTV ?? What is CCTV? Let's discuss together about the CCTV. CCTV is Closed Circuit Television, which means using a signal that closed, unlike ordinary television which is an open broadcast signal.

The history and development of CCTV
The inventor of the CCTV system was Walter Bruch in the year the system was designed and installed in Peenemünde, Germany to observe the launch of the VII rocket. The first closed circuit television was installed by Siemens AG in Test stand VII.
In modern times still using this system to record the location of CCTV rocket launches they are used to be able to closely follow each step of the rocket to study the trajectory and movement with the aim of finding possible causes of errors. Leading Usually larger rockets have been put on CCTV.
In 1960, officials in the United Kingdom began installing CCTV Camera systems in public places to monitor crowds during demonstrations and appearance of public figures. Camera mounting is becoming more popular, both in public spaces and retail stores, as technology is developed. Today in Britain, CCTV cameras monitor roads, sidewalks and squares in the city center, train stations and public buses, as well as in retail shops and other businesses. In 1996, government spending on CCTV technology accounted for three-quarters of the crime prevention budget in Britain.
Security cameras were installed at the World Trade Center as a precaution after the terrorist attack in 1993. With that, mid-90s ATMs throughout the country were generally equipped with CCTV cameras, and CCTV Camera retail stores were widely used to prevent theft. Until now not only shopping areas or important areas, CCTV is also widely installed for the security of residential areas or private homes.

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